SEX DRIVESex Drive is a 2008 sex comedy film about a high school graduate who goes on a cross-country road trip to hook up with a girl he met online. It is based on the novel All the Way, by Andy Behrens.The film was directed by Sean Anders, and stars Josh Zuckerman, Clark Duke, Amanda Crew, and Katrina Bowden. James Marsden and Seth Green appear in supporting roles. It was released in North America on October 17, 2008, and in the United Kingdom on January 9, 2009.Ian Lafferty is a shy 18-year-old high school graduate as well as a virgin, and jealous of the success his best friend Lance Johnson enjoys with women.

He is secretly in love with his other childhood friend Felicia Alpine, who believes their relationship to be platonic. He chats online with “Ms. Tasty” to practice appearing confident to women, and eventually agrees to meet her in person in Knoxville, Tennessee. Since he lives in Brookfield, Illinois, he steals the extra key to a 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge belonging to his homophobic older brother Rex, and heads out with Lance.

When Felicia accompanies them as well, Ian claims that he intends to visit his sick grandmother. Along the way they endure mishaps, hostile encounters with hitchhikers and state troopers, as well as friendly and even erotic encounters with a group of young Amish engaging in rumspringa (the period during which Amish youth are permitted to depart from the strict regulations of their community). Ian’s brother pursues them, and the encounter with Ms. Tasty (and her boyfriend) proves to be a scheme to steal cars for a chop shop. Ian and Felicia admit their love for each other. Lance ultimately finds happiness with an Amish girl named Mary. At a holiday dinner, Rex comes out. On New Year’s Eve, Ian and Felicia “go to visit grandma,” their euphemism for having sex.The film received mixed reviews from critics. On the review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, based on 105 reviews, 46% of the critics had given the film a positive review.The film was released on 2-disc DVD and Blu-ray Disc February 24, 2009, both featuring the rated and unrated cuts of the film. Preceding the unrated cut, an intro by director Anders and some members of the cast explaining that the unrated cut is a “fan’s cut” and to watch the original theatrical cut before viewing the unrated version. The cut features an additional 20 minutes of footage, including more profanity (about 20 additional uses of the F-word), a topless woman running across a few random scenes, etc.

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