GRANDMASTERGrandmaster is a 2012 Indian neo-noir thriller film written and directed by B. Unnikrishnan, produced by Ronnie Screwvala and Siddharth Roy Kapur. The film stars Mohanlal in the lead role while Narain, Priyamani, Anoop Menon, Babu Antony and Jagathy Sreekumar play major supporting roles. The film, produced by UTV Motion Pictures, released on 3 May 2012 and received mixed to positive reviews from critics. The film released through Netflix online video streaming by UTV in the U.S. and Canada. This is the first among new Malayalam films available for internet video streaming in the U.S. and Canada through Netflix.

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The film was a superhit at the box office.Chandrasekhar (Mohanlal) is an IPS officer who lives a lonely life after being divorced from his wife, Deepthi (Priyamani), a leading criminal lawyer. His family broke down following a bad case, when Deepthi took their daughter away with her. He lives in a dark and violent city but even when unlawful incidents take place around him,he withdraws himself from all responsibilities and is happy to live quietly. But, things change when he is made the head of the Metro Crime Stopper Cell in Kochi. In the initial days Chandrasekhar is his cool self, focussing more on household chores and the chessboard on his table. Things seem to change when he single-handedly saves three college girls abducted by a psychologically deviant guy named Jerome. Though Chandrasekhar manages to arrest Jerome and rescue the three girls, he is somewhat disgusted that Deepthi and her friend Jacob are assigning Jerome to treatment in a psychiatric facility rather than a sentence to prison, as it turns out that the three girls had been mocking Jerome which led to his actions. Also, the police commissioner Susan wants Jerome out in bail, as she happens to be his cousin.Chandrasekhar gets a congratulatory note from an anonymous man calling himself “Z”, who challenges Chandrasekhar to figure out how he is going to bump off one target after the other. Chandrasekhar is forced to take up the investigation of a string of murders of three women, a coffee shop owner Alice (Fathima Babu), famous singer Beena Thomson (Roma Asrani) and leading businesswoman Chandrika Narayanan (Seetha), which follows a mysterious alphabetical pattern and a cross slit on each of the womens’ forheads. Around the same time, he’s trying to connect up with his daughter, who is preparing for a drama play under the lead of famous drama actor Mark Roshan (Arjun Nandakumar). One day Chandrasekhar revealed the story behind his separation with Deepthi to his senior officer. It was regarding a murder case of a man Paul Mathew, who died due to poison intake. He had an illegal affair with Chandrika and had helped her financially. Chandrasekhar was sure that it was a murder, also knowing the fact that Chandrika was with Paul even 20 minutes before his death; he even accused Chandrika for Paul’s murder. While Chandrasekhar was discussing this case with his lawyer-wife Deepthi, she came to know about the alleviations and proofs regarding Chandrika’s role in Paul’s death. Later, while questioning Chandrika at her Guest-House, Chandrasekhar comes to know that Deepthi was Chandrika’s lawyer and that she helped her to get through the case and used the evidences that Chandrasekhar had shown her for her professional gain, as Deepthi was just a beginner in her profession then. This, of course led to the separation between Chandrasekhar and Deepthi that plagued the former for 3 years. It was later on that Deepthi finally confessed that the women that were murdered were all involved in the murder of Paul Mathew. She reveals that Paul had an interest towards sexual activities, and had plans for marriage with Chandrika. She also reveals that Alice, who owned a small cloth-shop in Fort Kochi then, was Chandrika’s secret partner. Slowly, Chandrika started taking advantage of his sexual interests, by bringing in Beena, who was then 16 year old. Gradually Alice, Beena, and Chandrika became a sex racket who blackmailed their customers. When Paul came to know the true colour of Chandrika, he withdrew his relationship with her and demanded back the money which had been in use all the while. So, Chandrika had no other way other than killing Paul, and to do so, she reconciles her relationship with him again after rubbing off the rough edges. It was then one day, with the support of Alice and Beena, Chandrika injected poison into his drink so that it would be certified as a suicide. It was then Deepthi felt that her inner mind never allowed her to confess before Chandrasekhar.Believing that a friend or relative of Paul Mathew might be the one responsible for the murders and knowing that Deepthi is to become the next target, Chandrasekhar comes by to attend his daughter’s drama play along with Deepthi and came across a religious fanatic named Victor Rosetti (Babu Antony). It was assumed that Victor is responsible for the murders, as he was present in all the three crime scenes, in disguise of a salesman who came to sell products with the three ladies before the murders according to witnesses, and has been stalking Deepthi throughout the events. Just as Chandrasekhar finally manages to corner Victor on the rooftop of a theater, the latter commits suicide by falling off the rooftop to the pavement. Then he questions Dr. Jacob and Chandrasekhar says that he has evidence of suspecting him of being the killer of the three women. The scene is what then allows the real murderer to come in and strangling Deepthi with a red scarf, but he is stopped by Chandrasekhar at the last minute. Chandrasekhar then finally corners the real murderer in the theater stage, and he turns out to be none other than Mark himself, who then reveals himself to be the young brother of Paul Mathew. Chandrasekhar then admits that he falsely accused Dr. Jacob in order to bait Mark into revealing himself as the culprit. When he confronts Mark of the evidence linking to the murders, Mark confessed that he has held a grudge against the women for his brother’s death. He then reveals his ultimate plan: first, he pretended to be in love with Beena, and chose Alice Coffee Pub as their meeting place. He had forced Beena not to reveal his identity in any manner. Then, he kills Alice on February 10th by strangling her to death. On February 23rd, after Beena was done with her program,he went for a night drive with her, and gifted her a red scarf as a present of love and strangled her to death with the same. Then came March 1st, and it was Chandrika’s turn, and he strangled her to death with the same red scarf. Mark also confessed that, under the diguise of a priest, he has manipulated Victor (who is revealed to be a schizophrenic patient) into believing that he did the murders himself in order to cover his tracks. He also planned for Victor to commit the final murder on Deepthi during the drama play, but knowing that Victor would be caught, he would attempt to use the scenery of the fight between Chandrasekhar and Victor to complete his plan. In a last-minute attempt to avenge his brother, Mark tries to jump from the stage to murder Deepthi with a dagger, but is shot to death by Chandrasekhar, thus saving Deepthi’s life. The film then ends with Chandrasekhar and Deepthi, along with their daughter, finally together again in their house. The movie is loosely based on Agaths Christie’s The ABC Murders, where the murderer signs off as ABC (like how he signs off as Z in this movie) in his letter to the detective Hercule Poirot. There is some loose similarity in the killings, as well as the alphabetical names of the victims. That is not to take away the fact that the movie has been well done.

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